Telegram X APK for Android

Telegram X APK

Telegram X APK is the clone of the original Telegram itself. Telegram X was actually one of the participants of the app contest held by Telegram. Then, it was officially taken over by Telegram. It offers faster and smoother browsing experience. Telegram created its own clone for a good reason as Telegram X is based on the TDLib library that lays the groundwork for the future of Telegram. So, what differentiates Telegram X with the original version?

Faster and More Power-Efficient

On its official website, Telegram mentioned that Telegram X APK Android offers convenience of use. It is quicker and easier to use. Moreover, this app is also claimed to be more power-efficient than the original Telegram.

Telegram X APK for Android
Telegram X APK for Android

Smoother Animations

If you switch from Telegram to Telegram X, you will immediately see the difference in the animation effects. Telegram X offers smoother motions than the original version. Moreover, the main page is also different. While the original Telegram displays only chat columns, Telegram X allows users to swipe to call columns.

Peeking at the Content of the Chat Room

One of the benefits that Telegram X offers is the ability to peek at the content of a chat room. You can do so by tapping and holding on the chat room that you want to see. Though not all the content of the chat room will be visible, it displays all the content of messages that can be loaded on your full smartphone screen.


If you find that bubbles are disturbing, Telegram X offers a bubble-free option. In some conditions, this feature is very useful. For example, when you want to read a certain channel. Unfortunately, this feature is quite complicated if you use it in a personal or group chat.

Free Customization

Unlike the original Telegram, Telegram X APK for Android offers more controls to its users. Users will be able to customize the appearance of the app as they wish. For example, changing the colour of the bubble, message indicators, and changing the dividing line between chat rooms.

Users can do it all in the setting. You can also find this customization in the theme & chat option. Moreover, users can also change emoji into Google, Apple, and Microsoft versions.

Now, Telegram X is available on Google Play Store that you can download for free. Compared to WhatsApp, Telegram X offers more benefits, such as data transfer capacity up to 1.5GB. So, do you want to switch to Telegram X for Android?

Telegram X Version APK for Android

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