BeeTalk APK for Android


There are a lot of find-a-match-emphasized instant messenger apps available for Android devices. Among the sea of instant messenger apps, you will find some familiar names, such as KakaoTalk, Tinder, etc. If you look further, you will find a little messenger and social networking app called BeeTalk. In this article, we will take a look at the features that the BeeTalk APK for Android could offer.

Overview on BeetTalk APK for Android

If you’re familiar with dating-based apps like Tinder, you will immediately be familiar with BeeTalk. Released in November 2013, BeeTalk was initially designed for Thailand-based users. However, the app began to gain popularity in neighboring Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

BeeTalk for Android
BeeTalk for Android

As previously mentioned, BeeTalk operates similarly to Tinder. After your initial login, you need to fill in your profile with information related to your hobby, interest, zodiac, etc. Once you do that, you can use the BeeTalk friends’ finder to scan your surrounding area for a perfect match.

Once a match is found, you can add them to your contact list and begin chatting. Being an instant messenger app, BeeTalk allows you to communicate using various methods, such as voice calls and media sharing.

Highlighted features

BeeTalk may not be as popular as Tinder or KakaoTalk. However, you can still find a tonne of features in this instant messenger app. Some of our favorite BeeTalk APK Android features are:

  1. Flip
    BeeTalk Flip feature allows you to flip your phone to see the nearest users. You can also use this feature to find users who want to meet and continue to communicate with you.
  2. Look around
    BeeTalk’s look-around feature allows you to scan your surroundings for other BeeTalk users. Once you find some users, you can click on each of their profiles to know them better.
  3. Graffiti
    BeeTalk Graffiti is an original feature where you can surprise your friend by drawing your own caricature or other messages. It is a neat feature to show your creativity to some new friends or potential dates.
  4. Stickers and emoticon
    If you’re bored with text messages, you can send funny stickers and emoticons. There are tons of stickers and emoticons to choose from. All of which can add more emotion to your boring text message.

By offering some neat and original features, BeeTalk is an instant messenger app that tries to be different. Despite being not as popular as other instant messenger apps, BeeTalk is still worth a try. So, make sure to check out the available BeeTalk APK.|

BeeTalk Version 3.0.12 APK for Android

Download Here

[26.7 MB]

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