Tinder APK for Android

Tinder APK

There has been a time when dating is not as easy as today. In an era of technology like this, everything becomes easy. Setting a date can be done just with your fingers. For Android users, there is Tinder Android to get into the whole dating world. You can get Tinder APK for Android online and start your dating life as easy as it sounds.

Tinder APK for Android

The question is, how can you use Tinder Android like a pro? In today’s article, you will learn a thing or two about it. So, let’s get right into it!

Tinder APK for Android
Tinder APK for Android
  1. Installing
    The first thing to do is to get Tinder APK and install it on your phone. Whether you use the app on Android or iOS, it can be downloaded from app stores and installed in no time. Before getting started, be sure to enable location services on your phone.
  2. Setting up your Tinder profile
    The good thing is Tinder allows you to register using your Google account, Facebook ID, or phone number. After logging in to the app, you will see a couple of important questions to set up your account and preferences. While there’s no need to fill out your profile fully, you can add your pictures, and a small bio, and set up your preferences. It will enhance your chances of finding the perfect match. You can always edit your profile every time you want.
  3. Start swiping on Tinder
    Tinder Android can now be used. Once you open the app, Tinder will immediately get you potential matches. However, running a background check on them is always a safe step to do. Scroll through their pictures by tapping the upper right or left of your screen. Tap on the lower part of your screen or the information icon beside their name to see their full profile. When you swipe left (or tap the X) on a profile, it means you’re not interested in that person. If you swipe right (or tap on a heart), it means you like the profile. In case you accidentally swipe left on someone, you can use the rewind button to undo it. Unfortunately, this option is only available to paid Tinder users.
  4. Chatting
    To send someone a chat, you need to match with them. By this, both of you have swiped right on each other. A notification will appear in the app right after you swipe right. Through Tinder chat, you can send GIFs, links, and messages, and have video calls. However, you cannot send any media.
  5. Verification
    While this is optional for Tinder Android, verified profiles get more matches, plus it’s free to become a verified Tinder user. If you want to get verified, tap the small check mark next to your name. Take two selfies that match the poses suggested by Tinder, and you’ll get a verified checkmark on your profile.

Tinder Version 13.10.1 APK for Android

Download Here

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