WhatsApp Wallpaper 2024 APK for Android

WhatsApp Wallpaper APK

WhatsApp Wallpaper APK for Android is an official application from WhatsApp that allows you put lots of predefined wallpapers behind your WhatsApp conversations.

To transform the wallpaper of any discussion, you simply need to be within the conversation itself and hit the food selection button, choosing ‘wallpaper’ and picking the image that you want. It’s that basic.

WhatsApp Wallpaper for Android

WhatsApp Wallpaper APK is a superb enhance for users of WhatsApp, as it enables you to individualize your conversations with some extremely eye-catching backgrounds.

Screenshots of WhatsApp Wallpaper

WhatsApp Wallpaper For Android

Among the very best means to get the very best wallpapers to make use of when chatting is to download WhatsApp Wallpapers. This application, introduced by the exact same designer as WhatsApp, aids users to have a conversation background display by offering dozens of brand-new wallpapers in the wallpaper application plan. The individual simply needs to download and install this application throughout his mobile device.

There are more than 30 wallpapers that you can choose according to your preference. Each wallpaper definitely has its own distinct look, for instance, computer animated wallpapers illustrating red umbrellas being struck by rain, there are various other landscape views such as beaches, deserts and so on. My favorite wallpaper is the sight of the surface area of the moon since this image gives its own fantasy when having a private conversation with among the contacts you have, especially with your idolizer.

Wallpaper package to support WhatsApp Messenger

To use our wallpapers:

  1. Install and launch WhatsApp Messenger
  2. Start a conversation with a friend
  3. Choose Menu > WallPaper > WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp Wallpaper for Android

Download WhatsApp Wallpaper

License: Freeware
Size: (4.89MB)
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
OS: Android

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