GT WhatsApp APK for Android

GT WhatsApp

Currently, many WhatsApp users want better features to support their various activities in communicating through the chat application. Therefore, the presence of the WhatsApp mod application is the answer for many people. An example is the GT WhatsApp APK for Android.

So, for WhatsApp users who want to experience better chatting, this mod application can be the best option. What is this application and what features does it have? Here we provide some explanations for you.

What is The GT WhatsApp Apk Like?

Maybe not many of you know about this WhatsApp mod application. So, this is one of the modified WhatsApp applications, just like some other software that also functions as a modification application for WhatsApp.

Screenshots and Features of GT WhatsApp

GT WhatsApp APK
GT WhatsApp APK

However, this application is better than other types of applications with the same function. The main feature of this application is its ability to recover deleted messages. So, this is perfect for you who are curious about messages from your friend that have been deleted.

What are The Main Features of GT WhatsApp?

In using the application, we will focus more on the features. Well, GT WhatsApp APK also has the best features that make it very popular for many WhatsApp users. What are these features?

  1. This application can make you send large files. In fact, you can send files up to 80 MB.
  2. If sending image and video files using the original WhatsApp will reduce the quality of the videos and photos, you won’t feel that if you use GT WhatsApp. So, the quality of the images and videos you send and receive remains the same as the original.
  3. You also don’t need to be curious anymore about the chats that were deleted by your friends. The reason is, you can restore and view messages that have been deleted by them. However, the period can only be done for 60 days.
  4. Not only that, you can also login in one WhatsApp application using two accounts. Yes, the dual account feature in this one application makes it easier for you who want to use WhatsApp to use two accounts. Usually, this is really needed by business people who want to use one personal account and one business account in one application.
  5. No need to worry if you often forget to send important messages. With GT WhatsApp, you can schedule the sending of these messages. Then, the message will be sent automatically to the recipient.

So, from this explanation, GT WhatsApp is very suitable for users who want to see deleted messages. If you are interested in using it, you can search for this application in the browser by typing “GT WhatsApp APK download.”

Download GT WhatsApp APK

Download GT WhatsApp APK

License: Freeware
Size: 55.81 MB
Version: v17.36
OS: Android

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