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In the world of the fast-pacing digital era, everyone needs a super quick and free way of communicating with one another. For this reason, the Japanese developer Rakuten released Viber Messenger in December 2010. Initially released as a voice-over IP (VoIP) service, Viber has evolved onto the instant messenger that we know and love. So, here’s a brief overview of Viber Messenger APK for Android.

Overview of Viber Messenger for Android

Viber uses mobile numbers to identify its users and allows them to communicate using VoIP by bypassing their mobile carrier. As a result, you can make calls to non-Viber landline or mobile numbers at much cheaper rates. In addition to that, Viber is also an excellent instant messenger app. The instant messenger feature allows Viber’s users to send a text message to other registered users for free.

Viber APK
Viber APK

Like Line or KakaoTalk, Viber also incorporates stickers and GIFs as an element in its instant messenger service. Some stickers can be purchased via in-app purchase or be downloaded for free. In addition, Viber also allows its user to make HD video calls with other Viber users, making it an excellent alternative to Skype.

Highlighted features

Downloading Viber Messenger APK Android will help you understand the excellent features and services offered by this instant messenger. Some of our favorite Viber Messenger features are:

  1. Group Chat
    Viber’s group chat feature allows you to invite up to 250 members in one chat room. In it, you can utilize the poll features, create quizzes, mention other members, and send a reaction to others.
  • Secured and encrypted
    Viber Messenger utilizes end-to-end encryption. This means that all of your messages are secured and can’t be viewed by other parties, including Viber.
  • Messages reaction feature
    One of the neat features offered by Viber is the ability to give reactions to other users’ messages with emojis. This will help you to express your feelings to your friend’s messages conveniently.
  • Communities and channel
    Viber’s communities and channels allow you to enjoy and find new content based on your personal interest. So, be it sports, travel, news, or cooking, there’s always a community for it.

With more than one billion users, Viber is one of the big players in the instant messenger app market. Despite looking relatively simple compared to other instant messengers, you can still find loads of features in Viber. On top of that, with its VoIP service, Viber offers more service than a mere instant messenger app. So, be sure to check out the Viber Messenger APK.

Viber Messenger Version APK for Android

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