Tantan APK for Android

Tantan APK

Tantan for Android is a must-have application to download and install if you are searching for your soulmate. It is an online dating application for single men and women to get someone special. You can talk to people all over the world with Tantan. It is also an application to help you fall in love. Before you install it, you can reveal some things about it.

The Ways to Use Tantan for Android

If you want to add it to your android, you can apply the following ways to install Tantan APK Android. The ways to use Tantan are easy.

1. You make a user’s profile by adding a photo and basic information detail. It contains the name, age, and living place

2. The concept of Tantan is similar to Tinder because you only switch one’s photos that you like.

3. Then, if the others love your photos, they will switch them and notifications come to you.

4. You can start to talk to each other in a few minutes only.

5. You can chat with text, icons, photos, and videos.

If you are weird to chat and confused to start chatting, this application provides 10 questions to make a situation melt. Tantan is an application to meet someone with the help of an android phone and less bravery. You can switch and rub a photo that you love. Then, you wait for whether they do the same thing or not. Then, you can become yourself and start to chat about an interesting topic to attract them.

Tantan APK for Android
Tantan APK for Android

Benefits of Tantan for Android

After you know the ways in using Tantan for Android, it is time to reveal some advantages of using Tantan.

1. It is easy to search for friends
2. You can determine the limit of searched friends age limits
3. You can see active friends’ time
4. You can set a distance when you search for friends.

You can download the Tantan application from Playstore for Android. Tantan is a fun way to meet new people and expand your social environment.

Features of Tantan for Android

You can enjoy some free features of Tantan APK to find more friends.
1. You can search for friends as much as you can. But, it is limited
2. You can get likes a day but it is limited.
3. Your online status is hidden so that the other users don’t see it.
4. You can set your calling name so that it is more private
5. You can find friends based on your location.|

Tantan APK for Android

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