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Standing out among the crowds of competitors is difficult. This also applies to Android instant messenger apps. With a vast array of instant messenger apps, you need to have something unique and better to be remembered and used by your user. Line, as one of the widely used instant messenger apps, has managed to accomplish that with ease. So, what makes Line APK for Android unique from other messengers?

Overview on Line for Android

Line was initially targeted toward Japanese smartphone users to outmatch its rival, KakaoTalk. As an instant messenger app, Line serves its purpose by providing its users with a quick messaging feature, voice call, and video call. Like similar messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or Viber, Line allows its user to send wide arrays of files as well. As a result, Line has also become most users’ favorite way of sharing documents, images, and videos.

LINE Messenger for Android
LINE Messenger for Android

Besides its instant messaging feature, Line also offers some social networking features, such as a timeline and direct video recording. When talking about Line APK Android, we cannot forget about the cute and funny stickers. The stickers, which become the highlight of the app, can be downloaded for free or purchased with in-app payments.

Highlighted features

Besides instant messenger, Line can also accommodate your need for a social networking platform. As a result, new features are constantly added to improve Line’s capability as a social networking platform. Some of our favorite Line features are:

  • Stickers, Emojis, and Themes
    Line highly emphasizes customization in its chat room. You can choose from hundreds of themes that you can apply to your chat. In addition, using stickers and emojis will eliminate the boredom of plain text messaging.
  • OpenChat
    Line’s OpenChat allows you to find new friends with the same interest and share news and information with them. Unlike private chat, Line’s OpenChat is open to the public for everyone to see.
  • Hometab
    Line’s Hometab allows you to access various information, services, and contents. The Hometab also allows you to modify your profile and manage your contacts list.
    LINE VOOM is a dedicated page that allows you to watch contents in the form of texts, photos, videos, and stickers from Line users you follow. VOOM is Line’s latest update to their Timeline feature

With its features, Line serves more purpose than just being a regular instant messenger app. You can use this app to read news, watch content, share interests, and also find new friends. To use all of those features, make sure to check out the Line APK.

LINE Version 12.10.1 APK for Android

Download Here

[240 MB]

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