GB WhatsApp Lite APK for Android

GB WhatsApp Lite APK

Over the years, Android users have been pampered with various versions of WhatsApp from different developers. Among these apps, GB WhatsApp Lite is one of the most popular. It supports almost all devices and is easy to operate. Find out more about this GB WhatsApp Lite APK for Android here.

GB WhatsApp Lite APK: Introduction

GB WhatsApp Lite comes with interesting features to allow you to exchange messages on WA in more fun ways. This app is specially developed for those who only have low memory on their Android phones.

GB WhatsApp Lite APK is quite light and extremely fast. Not only send messages, but you can also use this app to video call, make audio, and more on your Android.

The app will also make it easier for you to search on the theme store to find amazing themes. If you want to personalize your WhatsApp by customizing features provided by the app, including emojis. When it comes to security and privacy features, there are options like hiding the blue tick, hiding the contact’s name, viewing the blue tick, and viewing deleted messages available to use.

GB WhatsApp Lite APK

GB WhatsApp Lite APK: Highlighted Features

GB WhatsApp Lite APK download allows you to enjoy the following features:

  1. Light Weight
    One of the reasons why GB WhatsApp Lite is so popular among Android users is that the app is lightweight. Due to the size, the app will be a perfect option if your Android phone has low memory and RAM. Due to the size, the app also requires less storage. This provides a great solution if you often get difficulties when installing large apps because of the limited RAM space.
  2. Theme Store
    The theme store of the GB WhatsApp Lite is also lightweight. This will make it possible for you to choose the app interface to meet your personal preference. With the theme store, you can pick up from more than 1000 different themes.
  3. Run Faster
    GB WhatsApp Lite can run faster on your Android. The app can even run smoother on low-end devices. Even when your internet connection is slow, the app can still perform well on your Android.
  4. Fonts
    Conventional fonts are boring and they can be quite annoying. But, with the fonts provided by GB WhatsApp Lite, typing messages on WA will be more fun. The app allows you to alter the fonts, both style and size that suits your preference.

Download GB WhatsApp Lite APK

Download GB WhatsApp Lite

License: Freeware
Size: 28.87 MB
Version: v2.6
OS: Android

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