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Who does not know Facebook? With so many other social media platforms popping up, Facebook still manages to survive. It still has millions of users from across the globe. Meta keeps updating it with new, interesting features. Below are the new features of Facebook for Windows that you must not miss.

Ads Preferences

Facebook ads is the platform’s service that helps online sellers to promote their products. But sometimes it gets annoying when you keep seeing ads, especially the ones that do not meet your interests.

For this reason, Facebook launched the Why Am I Seeing This Ad feature to find out why certain advertisements appear on your Facebook homepage. You can also choose which ads you are willing to see on your account.

Data Portability

The next new feature that Facebook download has is data portability. With this feature, you can move various important files in your Facebook account to a cloud service, such as Dropbox, Google Photos, and so on.

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Thanks to the data portability feature, you no longer have to be worried about losing your precious moments when something unexpected happens, such as when your account is hacked.

Tab Feeds

Another new feature of Facebook that attracts many of users’ attention is the tab feeds. With this feature, you will be able to see new posts from friends, groups, and pages you have followed. While the tab home feature contains a variety of recommendations of content creators that you might like.

Those recommendations are made based on your interest in a particular theme or topic on Facebook.

Professional Mode

Meta presents a new professional mode for Facebook profiles that can give existence to creators around the world while keeping their personal experiences on the platform. The professional mode offers various tools and features designed for those who want to start their journey as a content creator and build their fanbase.

With the professional mode, eligible creators can make money through stars expansion, in-stream ads, and reels play. They can also access analytics, educational materials, and other features.


A few times ago, Facebook reportedly tested one of their new features that allows its users to have 4 different profiles in one main account. This way, you will be able to make several profiles for various purposes. For example, one profile for jobs and another for connecting with friends.

Which new feature of Facebook free download that you have already used?

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